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    The Ardennes' historic counterattack began in wind and snow, because the Luftwaffe could not gain air superiority over the battlefield and could only launch a counterattack in bad weather. But this time it was different, the German army deliberately chose sunny weather to launch the attack, four Fives bombers purchased at a high price hovered in the sky, causing electromagnetic interference for the Allied forces. All wired telephone communications were cut off, and the entire front was in chaos. One hundred and fifty AR-234 jet bombers took the opportunity to take off and heavily bombed Allied airfields, radar stations, and material transfer stations. More than 400 JU-88s followed suit. It happened again in the Netherlands. In just a short period of 24 hours, more than 900 Allied fighters were destroyed at the airfields, 21 airfields were turned into minefields, and became allies instead. The Allies had previously judged that the main force of the German army had been transferred to Italy, and while they were desperate to win a major victory in Italy, they never dreamed that the main force of the German army had actually gathered. gathered before them. caught off guard and suffered extremely heavy losses. On the first day of the war, American troops at headquarters were completely destroyed, especially the 106th Infantry Division, a relatively weak combat force. The army's wing was smashed by the Germans in a short time, cut off... In desperation, the division commander ordered to disperse and break through. This order damaged the 106th Infantry Division. The American army that broke through the siege was quickly separated and surrounded by German troops, then destroyed one by one. This was the heaviest defeat of the American army in the war. Western Front. The infantry division alone had 110,000 prisoners, it could be said that the entire division was wiped out.