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    With two or three kittens, if you want to deal with the demon dog that has occupied the top of the mountain and calls itself the demon king, you can only say the egg hits the rock.

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    He looked at Fang Cun and said, "Actually, don't touch this..."

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    Fang Cun angrily threw the cup: "I'm a big man, why do you want me to cosplay Xiangfei?"

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    When He Zhenzhang heard this, he seriously thought about it, shook his head, and said: "In our Baixiang Academy, there are really not many smiths who use "Cao Jing" as scriptures "The big guys buy medicine to refine qi, most of the rest go to guard the medicine shop down the street..."

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    Among them, a young man with the longest cultivation, coldly smiled and said: "I heard that he spent a lot of money to buy the Tho Son sect elder to sit down, what Liu Ho Phuong family?" , huh! "

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    And in this dead silence, the gate of the guard's mansion suddenly opened, an employee with a three-strand long beard came out, looked closely and then suddenly walked forward in surprise: "It turns out to be Dai Phuong." The servants and guards are currently on a business trip. "I don't know why Patriarch Phuong is here..."

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    His face was full of helplessness and worry.

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    Nine Immortal Sect is the number one sect in Thanh Giang, there are two elders sitting here, the methods they use are truly extraordinary.

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    But for them to eat human pills, they have no pressure at all, after all, they didn't do it themselves...

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    Also at this time, a gust of wind blew across the road, blowing sand and rocks away. Everyone looked back and saw that they had fled in disarray. On the deserted road, two more people suddenly appeared, one wearing a blue robe. and looked cold. The tough old man was accompanied by a weak, seemingly timid girl, but at this moment she only looked angry, holding a huge bronze mace in her hand.

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    Yun Yi couldn't raise his head, couldn't release his consciousness through the spatial rules that were controlling him, so he couldn't see where the fairy seal went.

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    Phuong Ton: "...the wine hasn't been drunk yet, what about raising whales?"

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    But the Divine King slowly said: "If I really want to kill people, I really don't need to consider my reputation!"

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    "I don't want to listen to you, I want you to listen to me!"

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    Why bother, you're clearly just a bad guy, and yet...

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    After that, he couldn't help but think of Mr. Lanshuang's appearance.

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    The sect master and the two elders breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. Elder Thanh Tung said with a smile: "In that case, the alchemy room, the Tibetan sanctuary, the training platform, and the spirit domain can all be saved. Come." then go, what other mountain road do you need to build? As for protecting the mountain, hell, the mountain protection formation of our mountain guard sect has been broken for several years. Is there a Jade? The world is not Peak or not, the difference is not big..."

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    Tieu Thanh Luu received the box, stuffed it into his chest, smiled and said: "I'm afraid of delaying my son's business. During this time I watched, Old Sieu must have known that he had previously poured it out from the bottom of his heart. and now the whole is swallowing the sea." The gang has become a man with a tail in the middle of its tails, since the day I met the academy students on Liuhu Lake, Lao Chao even Don't go back to your house at Liuhu Lake, and just hide in the cottage!"