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    "How dare you bark in front of me?!"

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    With Zhong Yuan's expression, why did he seem to have guessed why Verlaine wasn't with him at this time?

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    The blonde teenager jumped up violently, struggling to avoid the white-haired youth's attack. He obviously had no intention of challenging the white-haired youth, the difference in strength between the two was visible to the naked eye. He wanted to escape, but it was clearly not an easy task.

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    This is Kyoto City, a thousand year old capital with a population of over a million people. Although the center of power has moved to Tokyo a hundred years ago, Kyoto City is still the true national center in the eyes of people. old- school family. The longer it claims to have a history, the less willing it is to move.

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    The owner is currently in the northern district of Kyoto Prefecture. The waiter's expression was a bit strange, and he said dryly: "Butler Fushan was instructed by Master Longyan to overnight acquire the Wenputang publishing house and the Morino convenience store in Haratani Town, North District." North of Kyoto And a mountain about 1,075 meters above sea level two kilometers from the convenience store."

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