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    You? Diep Mai was stunned, "How do I know who you are?"

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    Since that's the case, let me show you what the true golden turtle realm is. As soon as he finished speaking, Doan Anh Hoanh took a step back with his left foot, bent down slightly, then said in a deep voice: "Break it!"

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    She held back her laughter and raised the bell to summon the soul: "Nian city master and I... are close friends since childhood. Now I have a demon sword, a sharp sword, no shortage of experts." - magic weapon, can be used for self-defense."

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    She really picked a good position, and it just so happens that he won't have too many worries about making a move.

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    Mei Su'er couldn't help but admire herself, thinking, when did I become so smart? And it was very unlucky, but it felt great to fool everyone.

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    Ye Mei trembled, for some reason she always felt sad in her heart.

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    A new beautiful life begins with revival!

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    Believe it or not, she will do what she says anyway. Although this group of people did not take her out, they took care of her along the way. Just be a thug for these people, repay the favor before leaving.

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    Truong Luong stepped on the soldiers' backs, jumped up as best he could, steadily rode his horse, trying his best to maintain an elegant, calm smile.

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    When Bai Aoxue thought of the woman lying on the ground in front of her, she couldn't help but cover her mouth and secretly laugh.

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    Could this be the direct descendant of Elder Long, the ninth peak of the Divine Sect? She seemed to feel a breath of deja vu.

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    The transformation just lasted for only one stick of incense, consuming a third of her strength. Perhaps because her level is too low, pretending to be a strong person also takes a lot of effort.

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    How could she pawn her beloved baby!

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    There were two paths, an eastern path and a southern path, the southern path had items thrown away by enemies, the eastern path could vaguely see the dust kicked up by the horse team.

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    As the messengers of the last three sects, what force would not respect them? Even the hidden powers will be polite for a minute or two when they hear the cult behind them.

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    For a moment, everyone looked at each other blankly, and at the same time made up their minds to follow Tri Cuu Long well at this moment, as long as they were loyal, sooner or later they would have such great luck.

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    ... How cruel is this person!

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    This time is Mei Suer's chance to capture all these people.

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    The fat boy didn't even dare to breathe, so he quickly withdrew his head and left.

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    If it weren't for the uneven and chipped marks on the wall, he really doubted whether it was inlaid with mother-of-pearl or precious stones.

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    Indeed, just now I was bathing in spiritual liquid soup and suddenly leveled up, and I don't know what happened. Diep Mai helped the old demon king up from the ground, innocently scratching his head, "Luu Manh Manh Maybe she underestimated me, thinking I couldn't break her air barrier, but she didn't." I never thought I would have such a powerful weapon."

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    Then... Pei Xian narrowed his eyes slightly, with his plan, "It's not too late to seal him for ten and a half months."

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    Old man Lin Xing knew that Zong had no background, and he couldn't promise her any soul treasures that could help her cultivate, he wanted to say something caring, but he was embarrassed for a moment, then secretly tugged on her sleeve, and said in a deep voice: "Um, this old man Xing forgot to bring his magic weapon. You and this old man go back to Dao Tong, there must be something good to take!"